Here I am world…I’m coming out!

Here I am…one more person in the “blogasphere” that lives to write. Writing and breathing for me are one of the same. Breathing oxygenates my body, writing oxygenates my soul. I simply can’t do without either. So here I am on the blogging bandwagon, forcing myself to join this 21st century mode of creative expression.

I confess, I’m coming out kicking and screaming; and for two perfectly good reasons (well, I think so) :-

1) SELF PROTECTION: There is safety in writing for an audience of one…yourself. In this case, myself. No one to judge my grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure, thoughts, ideas, stories, etc. Just me… alone with my journals and every bit of scrap paper, napkin or the like that I may find in a moment of inspiration to write on. It is simply safer and kinder :). Putting yourself out there for the world to scrutinize what you hold sacred, is plain scary!

2) TECHNOLOGY INVASION:  I really did not want to connect my life to too many social media outlets and gadgets. The truth be told, through technology we are more connected to the world, but less connected to each other in the ways that really matter. Every one is busy…heads down, fingers scrolling, “liking”, “pinning”, “tweeting” and all the other tech savvy options at our fingertips. There is something to say about the peace that comes from being disconnected from too much stimuli.

However, here I am…Coming Out…as a WRITER! Why? To come from behind the shadows—taking the risk to put the canvas of my thoughts on display. Not for accolades, more for accountability. I need to be stretched. There are literary goals that I want to achieve and I need to come out as a writer to be pushed to achievement.

So, in my sing-song voice, bopping to the beat with Diana at 2:54am, I say,

There’s a new me coming out
And I just had to live
And I wanna give
I’m completely positive
I think this time around
I am gonna do it
Like you never knew it
Ooh, I’ll make it through
The time has come for me
To break out of this shell
I have to shout
That I am coming out
I’ve got to show the world
All that I wanna be
And all my abilities
There’s so much more to me
Somehow, I have to make them
Just understand
I got it well in hand
And, oh, how I’ve planned
I’m spreadin’ love
There is no need to fear
And I just feel so good
Every time I hear


I’m coming out
(I want the world to know)
(I got to let it show)
I’m coming out
I want the world to know
I got to let it show
I’m coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show

Welcome to my blog…to my journey of coming out as a writer. Join in and sing along, “I’m coming out, I want the world to know, I got to let it show!”

Here I am world…I’m coming out!